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The Bamboos - Amen Brother/Tears Cried 7"

Amen Brother/Tears Cried feat. Kylie Auldist 7"

(Tru Thoughts TRU7179) Dec '08 U.K

"...This is a frenetic and faithful take on one of the most influential – and uncredited – recordings of the past 50 years..." - Clash Magazine 'Single Of The Week' (U.K )

" Drums are fast, tight, and hard -- moving at a super-strong clip, and matched by soaring horns and some of the most frenetic Hammond you'll ever hear ..."  Dusty Groove America (U.S)

The Bamboos - Side-Stepper CD/LP

Side-Stepper CD/LP

(Tru Thoughts TRULP178) Oct '08 U.K

"The band return in tip-top form...There's something brewing up downunder!" - Blues & Soul Magazine (UK)

"Amazing stuff..." - The Age Melbourne Magazine Oct' Album Of The Month (AUS)

"Side-Stepper isn't just the best Soul/Funk record to come out of this country this year, it's one of the best records." - (AUS)

"Another sensational set..."Side-Stepper" passes with flying colours..." - IDJ Magazine (U.K)

"...they're right, tight, and very much on the money -- work that shows a real evolution in the sound of The Bamboos..." - Dustygroove America (U.S)

3RRR 'Album Of The Week' Sep 29th 'o8 (AUS)

"Its their best album to date..." - Snowboy (U.K)

King Of The Rodeo feat. Megan Washington/Can't Help Myself feat. TY 7"

King Of The Rodeo feat. Megan Washington/Can't Help Myself feat. TY 7"

(Tru Thoughts TRU7177) Sep '08 U.K

'...The stand out track, featuring the ubiquitous Ty, mixes a top notch hook coupled with the band’s signature bedrock stabs and slabs of juicy funk! - Blues & Soul Magazine (UK)

"It's a beauty!...The Bamboos are the Bomb!..." - Jelly Jazz - 'Top Choice Rekkid' Aug 2008 (U.K)

Kylie Auldist - Just Say

The Bamboos Present: Kylie Auldist - Just Say CD

(Tru Thoughts TRUCD159) May '08 U.K

"A truly wonderful voice..." - Tim Ritchie (ABC Radio National album of the week 21/5/08)

"10/10" - DJ Andy Smith (U.K)

The Bamboos - Listen Hear Live!

Listen! Hear! The Bamboos Live! CD

(Tru Thoughts TRUCD144) May '08 U.K

"Impeccable live work from the mighty Bamboos -- one of the tightest hard grooving combos on the modern deep funk scene!..." - Dusty Groove America (U.S)

The Bamboos Present: Kylie Auldist - Community Service Announcement/Cut You Loose 7"

The Bamboos Present: Kylie Auldist - Community Service Announcement/Cut You Loose 7"

(Tru Thoughts TRU7157) Apr '08 U.K

"Tru Thoughts strikes again! It's going right in my club crate immediately!" - Bobbito Garcia (U.S)

"Loving the Kylie Auldist 45..." - Mark Lamarr (BBC Radio 2U.K)

The Bamboos - I Don't Wanna Stop feat Kylie Auldist

I Don't Wanna Stop feat. Kylie Auldist 12"

(Tru Thoughts TRU144) Mar '08 U.K

The Bamboos - Bring It Home feat Alice Russell

Bring It Home feat. Alice Russell 7"

(Tru Thoughts TRU7133 7") Aug '07 U.K

2Up - Club Shakers (The Bamboos version)

2UP - Club Shakers (The Bamboos Version) CD

(Knowfoowl CD & Digital E.P FOOWLCD002) July '07 AUST

The Bamboos - Rawville CD/LP

Rawville CD/LP

(Tru Thoughts TRU125) May '07 U.K

"...Arguably the best Funk album of the modern era..." - IDJ Magazine (U.K)

"...Old-school Funk never sounded as fresh..." - The Herald Sun (AUS)

"...One of the best deep Funk bands in the business..." - (AUS)

The Bamboos - Get In The Scene feat Ohmega Watts

Get In The Scene feat. Ohmega Watts 7"

(Tru Thoughts TRU7124) Apr '07 U.K

"Funky goodness from The Bamboos -- easily one of the greatest funky combos working today! "Get In The Scene" is a masterpiece of skittish guitars, snapping beats, and tightly fluttering horn parts ... Ohmega Watts raps on the vocal side, sounding better than we remember in a long time..." - Dusty Groove America (U.S)

The Broken Keys - The Witch (Bamboos Remix)

The Broken Keys - The Witch (The Bamboos Remix) 12"

(Tru Thoughts TRU114) Nov '06 U.K

"The Australian six-piece raise the tempo of the original; whipping up a maelstrom of raw breaks and tight grooves and transforming the track into a high-octane instrumental deep funk workout, worthy of any club sound-system. " - Piccadilly Records (UK)

"... a horn-heavy jazz funk number with plenty of groove on the bottom! The cut's a great one -- and on a par with The Bamboos' best work! - Dusty Groove America (U.S)

The Bamboos - Happy/Pussy Footin 7

Happy/Pussy Footin' 7"

(Tru Thoughts TRU7105) Sep '06 U.K

"The kind of groove that would have made Lalo Schifrin proud!" - Dusty Groove America (U.S)

"Another must-have 7"..." - Juno Records (U.K)

Step It Up LP/CD

In The Bamboo Grove
Listen - MP3 (532 KB)

Tighten Up
Listen - MP3 (540 KB)

Transcend Me
Listen - MP3 (540 KB)

Golden Rough
Listen - MP3 (536 KB)

Listen - MP3 (536 KB)

Tobago Strut
Listen - MP3 (532 KB)

Crooked Cop
Listen - MP3 (536 KB)

Step It Up LP/CD

(Tru Thoughts TRUCD092) Feb '06 U.K

Step it LP/CD

(Ubiquity URCDLP187) Feb '06 U.S

“The best new deep funk band in the world today…” - Adrian Gibson (Freestyle Records UK)

"the Bamboos are the best thing to come from downunder since The Avalanches..." - Exclaim! Magazine (Canada)

“Lance and The Bamboos definitely got soul fingers. The cover of 'Transcend Me' is hot” - Mad Mats (Raw Fusion/Jugglin' Sweden)

“Top notch funk from down under that hits the spot every time. Right there, in the pocket!” - Dom Servini, Straight No Chaser Magazine (UK)

“I love them…” - Quantic (UK)

"Catchier than a baseball mitt..." - Keep On Magazine (UK)

"Atlast, the debut LP from Melbourne'e finest. Some great new stuff on here, plus their highly

sought after ultra-limited 7" releases. Killer!" - Mr Scruff (UK)

"It is rare to find a band who can make funk sound so contemporary..." - Notion Magazine (UK)

Step It Up 7 inch

Step It Up
Listen - MP3 (532 KB)

Step It Up 7”

(Tru Thoughts TRU7094) Feb '06 U.K

“The Meters reborn, funk for those dancefloor chickens…” - Alice Russell (UK)

“…heavy drums, chicken guitars, Hammond, horns, gritty production etc - and it hits the spot!...” - Ben Smith ( UK)

“Gosh that's a funk bomb or what?...My my my... The song is now over and I can't help but play it again. That's a confirmation: a hit…” - (UK)

Tighten Up/Voodoo Doll 7 inch

Voodoo Doll
Listen - MP3 (540 KB)

Tighten Up/Voodoo Doll 7”

(Kay-Dee KD-002) April '04 U.S

“The best Funk 45 this year…” - (UK)

“Some of the finest raw Funk tracks ever!” - System Records (UK)

“Two funk bombs from Australia's Bamboos!..."Tighten Up" honestly couldn't be any tighter …” - Dustygroove (US)

Another Day In The Life Of Mr Jones 7 inch

Another Day In The Life Of Mr Jones
Listen - MP3 (532 KB)

The Limp Twins - Another Day In The Life Of Mr Jones (The Bamboos Version)

(Tru Thoughts TRU7058) Dec '03 U.K

“The drumming is what really makes the whole thing kick -- rolling along like a JB's B-side, but with some of the tightest electric guitar work we've heard on an underground soul single in a while!...” - Dustygroove (US)

“They turn it into an instrumental dance floor bomb!...” - Piccadilly Records (UK)

Eel Oil/Blackfoot 7 inch

Eel Oil
Listen - MP3 (536 KB)

Eel Oil/Blackfoot 7” (Bamboo Shack BR-001) Aug '01 AUS

“Both sides are killer…” - Snowboy (UK)

“Almost faultless in production and arrangement…” - (UK)

“This is a boss first entry from any band, but as the first funk single from a nation? Pow…” - Big Daddy Magazine (UK)

“Two funky slammers from Australia!” - Dustygroove (US)

“As hot as Christmas day on Bondi Beach…” - (UK)

"Eel Oil is a goddamn funky number powered by expressive hi-hat drumming, a great paring of guitar/bass and roving keys that hold it all together like glue…Fantastic!..." - Tract Magazine (AUS)